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Special Note

It is never too late or expensive to hire a professional
wedding planner/event coordinator to oversee all of the
details on the day of your wedding.  As a matter of fact,
Creative Florida Weddings is currently offering an
introductory package starting at $1000 (US) which will
ensure every couple that their special day will be
unforgettable.  This package consists of an initial
consultation with both of you a week before the wedding
date (or earlier) to discuss the way you envision your
special day and discuss all the details, needs and
expectations as well as being present from beginning to end
during the rehearsal and of course, the wedding day.  

For more details on this package, please contact our
wedding professionals at
Creative Florida Weddings
immediately as dates are being booked fast.
Creative Florida Weddings
Special Wish
May your day be as unforgettable as the first time you laid
your eyes on each other and may your marriage be as
eternal as the true meaning of love.
Offer Expires 12/15/2005
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